Tsuru is an open source Platform as a Service software, focused in Developer productivity.


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Run anything

Tsuru goes beyond 12 factor apps. Run any application written in any language or framework.

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Deploy fast and safe

The deploy process is really simple with just one commmand.

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Grow your application dynamically allocating resources with ease.


Developer Velocity

Let your developers code and understand the business instead of solving infrastructure problems or handling large configuration files.

Cloud Native Computing Foundation

CNCF Integrated

We built the platform as a service atop of battle tested technologies from Cloud Native Computing Foundation stack.

Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Multi Cluster/Region

Manage your distributed apps in many kubernetes clusters/regions with a single point of control.

Trusted by

These are just a few companies and projects that are using tsuru:


Tsuru is an open source project and, as such, we welcome contributions. Feel free to report or fix bugs, contribute to the documentation, or just give your opinion about the software.